August 19, 2016

New PTU Kit - Tropical Getaway

Go on a trip with Tropical Getaway! Everything you need to escape reality and enjoy a little paradise is inside my new kit. It comes with 154 elements and 21 awesome papers! 

Purchase it at the Pimpin PSPers Warehouse today!
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July 27, 2016

New PTU Kit - Bad Boys

Bad Boys is full of all the stuff a bad boy could ever need. It's perfect for that guy tube you've been wanting to play with for a while! It comes with 156 elements and 18 papers.

Purchase it at the Pimpin PSPers Warehouse today!
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May 17, 2016

NEW Cluster Frames from Drea's Designs!

Check out the new cluster frames by Drea's Designs made to match Before The Rainbow and Dark Goddess

Exclusively at Pimpin' PSPers Warehouse!

Purchase it at the Pimpin PSPers Warehouse today!
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May 12, 2016

FTU Tutorial - Hot & Nerdy

FTU tutorial using Hot & Nerdy by Gimptastic Scraps!
**This tutorial was written by me and any resemblance is purely coincidental. It is written for those with a working knowledge of Photoshop.**

Scrap Kit


Bottle cap
Comp Book
Flower 2
Flower 3
Flower 4
Makeup 1
Makeup 2

Paper 2
Paper 4
Paper 5
Paper 10

Let's start!
Open a new canvas, size 650x650.
Open the template and move layers 1-6 including the frames. Leave the word art for later.
Place paper 5 over layer 6. 
Place paper 2 over both layers 4 & 5. 
Place paper over layer 3.
Add desired drop shadow as you go.
Leave all frames white and add desired amount of noise (glitter) to each frame layer.
Now take the locker and place it behind layers 4 & 5. Duplicate it twice and make a locker layer. Spread them out, but leave no spaces in between. Use the tag as a guide.
Place your tube in front the the template and resize.
Take a close up of the tube and place it in both layers 1 & 2, alternating the direction the tube faces.
Behind layers 1 & 2, place the lips on the left side.
Place the comp book on top and to the right of the lips.
Starting from the comp book and covering the right side of the tube place the crayons. Duplicate the crayons and place two more layers behind the lips and book then the tube. 
Now place the backpack to the right and behind the tube.
Place the iPod and makeup1 in front of the backpack.
Behind the backpack and to the right place flower 3 then the apple behind it and finally the light bulb.
To the left of the tube and behind her place the books.
In front of the books and still behind the tube place the marker laying down.
Behind the marker place flower flower 2 then to the right of the that flower place flower 4. 
Behind the flowers place the stapler. Aim it so it's pointing up.
Behind the stapler and to the left place makeup 2.
Behind the books and lipstick place flower 3 then to the right of that place the bottle cap.
Now you can place the word art and design it how you like. 
My word art is simply a black overlay with a glossy bevel, white stroke and a purple outer glow with a drop shadow.
Add desired effects to tube and tube closeups. 
I just used blending options included in PS.
Add the mask with paper 10.
Add your tagger mark and copyright information.
Crop off any extra canvas.
Save as a .psd & .png.

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May 1, 2016

New PTU Kit - Dark Goddess

Dark Goddess is perfect for that night when you just want to stay home brewing potions and chanting spells! It comes with 117 elements and 15 papers.

Purchase it at the Pimpin PSPers Warehouse today!
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Welcome to my new blog! I will post all future kits and CT work from Drea's Designs on this blog. You can still visit my old blog for everything Drea's Creations!